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Related article: Fatherly Love A story about a teen's feelings toward his father. By Scott Summers Ben Larkings had a pretty good life. He went to a great school,
his family wasn't poor, and he had a neat car. The only thing bad that had
happened to him was sweet teens loli nude that his mother had died when he was 10 years old. But
he and his dad got by just fine with each other. Ben didn't have many
girlfriends. He was very good looking, but after awhile he just stopped
persuing them. He had better relationships with men. He had friends from
age 15 to 25. Since he was 18 that was a little strange since most of them
were a little more than just friendships.
Ben's father was tall, 32 years old, and muscular. Ben had a nice
body of his own. He was thin but well defined, tall like his father, and
he had a long beautifully cut cock. Light brown hair grew lightly on his
chest, around his round nipples, and down his torso. From there it led
into his pants and dispersed quite nicely around his dick and balls. Ben
hadn't told his father about his relationships with men, but he planned to
On a Saturday afternoon, Ben decided to tell his father before he
went to spend the night with one of his friends. He caught his dad as he
was going to clean up from working outside.
"Dad, I need to talk to you about something important." said Ben.
"Sure, son. preteen loli angel nymphet Talk to me while I'm in the shower."
Ben followed his dad upstairs and into the master bedroom. Ben sat
down on the edge of the bed and started talking while his father undressed
in front of him.
"Uh, dad, you know Ryan Jennings?" asked Ben. His father had taken
off his shirt to reveal his muscular chest, hard nipples, and dark hair.
"Sure, son. He's a great guy." answered his father as he started
unclasping the belt buckle on the belt that held up his jeans.
"Well a couple of years ago I spent the night at his house for the
first time."
Ben's father had pulled down his jeans to his ankles. The round
bulge in his briefs was right in Ben's face. Ben couldn't take his eyes
off of it.
"Yes, I remember. You had a great time."
"But I didn't tell you why I had a great time. Ryan has cable, and
we stayed up late watching the porno channel."
Ben's father now reached and slowly slipped his white briefs down
his muscular legs. His thick uncut cock dangled in front of Ben's face
seemingly begging to be caressed. His father's pubic hair was much like
his own except it was darker and there was more of it.
"You don't have to apologize for that, son." his father said with
his hands on his hips.
"I'm not. Hear me out. That night was 'Gay Night' and preteen loli angel nymphet all the
shows and movies had only men in them."
Ben's father was now collecting and setting out things to put on
after his shower. Ben watched his tight butt.
"Go on." said his father. Ben was glad his father was so patient
with him.
"Well, we got excited because we liked what we saw. It looked
His dad walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Ben
followed admiring his father's nakedness. His father started his shower as
Ben continued.
"Before long we both stripped and started stroking our cocks. That
didn't last for long. Next we started doing with each other what we saw on
"That's typical, son."
His father didn't seem at all disturbed. In fact, he seemed fine
with what his son had told him. Ben noticed through the glass that his dad
was giving special attention to his thick cock by carefully cleaning under
the foreskin and excessively washing the head. His father's dick was now
at half mast! Was his father enjoying what he was telling him?
"I really liked what we did, dad, and I've been doing those things
with various friends ever since."
His father turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Ben
liked seeing the water glisten on his father's naked body.
"I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm gay, or at least
bi. Are you alright with this, dad?"
His father grabbed a towel and started drying off, taking time to
carefully massage his balls with it.
"Son, I'm totally okay with the choices you've made, and I'm glad
you were able to make those kinds of friends. You are certainly old enough
now to decide if you like men or women better. And I confess that I've had
those same feelings now and then. I only wish you would have told me
Ben was overjoyed! Who would have guessed that his father would
have responded this way? His father continued.
"You should have, because it would have given us the opportunity to
get to know each other better after your mother died."
Ben father smiled a weird smile and then grabbed the inseam of the
fly on Ben's jeans. He pulled Ben into the bedroom and stood him in front
of the bed. What was he going to do? Ben was excited because if he was
being seduced by his father, it would be fulfilling one of Ben's wishes.
He had always wanted his father after that night at young lolita nude pics Ryan's house. His
father started to unbutton his shirt. Ben happily submitted. It wasn't
long till Ben stood in front of his father in nothing but his low-cut
briefs. Ben's father started to kiss him and caress his butt with gentle
rubs. Ben inched his hand down his father's hairy torso and gently placed
it onto his father's warm uncut cock. Ben almost came from the excitement
of touching his father. Ben pulled back the skin to reveal more than half
of the 7 inch dick. He then slowly pulled it completely over the head.
Doing this, he was jacking his father off.
As the pleasure built up inside his father, the kisses that his
father preteen loli angel nymphet gave became deeper and more passionate. Ben's tongue travelled deep
into his father's mouth. When Ben's father felt that he was about to come
he guided Ben's hand off of his dick and led it to his butt. He didn't
want this to end that soon. Ben understood and slowly rubbed his father's
cheeks and crack. Then, without warning, Ben slowly inserted his finger
into his father's butt to the second knuckle. His father moaned deeply
from the pleasure of having his son's thick finger up his clean butt. Ben
moved his finger in and out giving his father more pleasure.
His father stopped kissing Ben's mouth and moved to his strong neck
and shoulders. He gave hot, wet kisses, and his father's hat breath made
his spine tingle and his dick ache from the pleasure in his body. He then
felt his father slowly slide his briefs down his legs to the floor. His
erect penis was now exposed to his dad. Ben stepped out of them and
pressed his body against his father's. Their hot bodies touched, and their
hard dicks pressed together sharing the heat. Ben was overwhelmed with the
situation so he laid back on the bed as his father started heading down his
body. Ben's father first licked his round nipples so they became hard and
sensitive. Ben started squirming from the pleasure so his dad held his son
down at the waist. After that Ben crawled further up the bed letting his
father's head have access to his stomach. His father licked the soft hair
around Ben's navel, and then he licked a trail down to Ben's crotch where
he slipped one of the large hairy balls into his mouth. He tickled it more
and more as Ben moaned in ecstasy. Ben ran his fingers through his
father's hair as he licked his balls.
Suddenly, Ben felt his father's wet lips close over the head of his
dick. His father preteen lolitas in topless sucked and tickled with his tongue. He even licked into
the pee hole. Ben bucked his hips from the intense pleasure. He needed to
come, but he wanted to hold on so he could make this experience last as
long as possible. That didn't last long. His father, suddenly, swallowed
his entire dick causing it to go down his throat. Ben couldn't hold on any
longer. With a loud yell, he sent spurt after long spurt of white cumn
into his father's mouth. Since there was so much of it, some of it
dribbled out of his father's mouth and onto his stomach. This was licked
up by his father after he had swallowed the cumn in his mouth.
"Mmm. You taste good, son." said his father as he moved up the bed
to kiss Ben. He liked the taste of his own cumn.
Now, he wanted to give his dad the same pleasure as his father had
given him, so he moved down to his father's stomach. He started by
massaging his father's balls and jacking him off like before. His father
squirmed and moaned, but Ben kept at it. He then pushed his finger all the
way into his father's butt. His dad gave a short cry of pleasure and
continued preteen lolita xxx pix moaning. Next Ben took his father's large cock into his warm
mouth and started sucking. He ticked the head and the pee hole with his
tongue while he rubbed his father's hairy stomach with his free hand. His
father started to preteen loli angel nymphet
buck his hips like Ben had before so Ben swept his tongue
under his father's foreskin, pleasuring the underside of his penis. That
made his father squirm and moan all the more. Ben didn't care. He just
wanted to continue pleasuring his father's hard, red cock.
Soon his father warned him that he was going to come. He preteens 12 years lolitas
want to come in Ben's mouth if Ben didn't want him to. Ben didn't mind at
all and was glad that his father was sensitive enough to ask. So Ben
continued to suck with great force until his father couldn't hold back any
longer. His father let out a loud scream and pumped spurt after spurt of
the thickest, white cumn into Ben's mouth that Ben had ever tasted. It
felt like sticky cool whip. Ben swallowed it all and moved up to kiss his
father. He was glad that he had been part of this experience.
They got out of bed, showered together, and got dressed while
feeling and massaging eachother. Ben went to his friend's house as planned
and had another great time, but that is another story. To be continued........

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